Carbon Creek is a leader in producing responsibly-sourced natural gas in Wyoming’s Powder River Basin.

Our Strategy

Additional Information

  Our product is truly unique. Natural gas is the most efficient and cleanest burning fossil fuel. Our wells produce natural gas from a naturally-fractured coal seam which means these wells do not require fracture stimulation. And our product is essentially pure natural gas. This means that produced water, a byproduct of producing the natural gas, is easily separated. We then put this water to good use. The natural gas goes on to eventually heat people’s homes, produce electricity and many other beneficial uses. The name Carbon Creek symbolizes the coal from which our product is captured, and the flow of natural gas from the natural gas reservoir to the discerning consumer’s burner tip. 

Carbon Creek operates with a focused approach.  We will become more efficient, while growing production in the coming years.  Carbon Creek began operations by purchasing 6,800 wells in the Powder River Basin. Many operations will be consolidated now that the assets are managed by a single, focused operator. We’re able to benefit from efficiencies and economies of scale by consolidating assets in the same geographic area, previously owned by two companies, and managing them with a focused approach.